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Aviation English Immersion Course in the USA!

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Global Aviation English uses a series of resources to do the immersion in the Specific Aviation English; those resources help our students to have a good learning environment from the combination of aviation English classes and other dynamic activities with lots of social interaction.

Our immersion program provides what no other aviation course offers. Through our immersion program you will experience the following opportunities:

  • Stay immerseed 24 hours a day in an English language environment. This means breakfast in English, shopping in English, radio in English, going out in English
  • Our teachers are native English speaking Americans with extensive teaching experience and an Aviation background.
  • Experience a new culture, enjoy a difference way of life, come home with new life lessons.
  • Classes are well organized, intense and focused on the students’ needs.

The immersion program in the United States for Aviation English that Global Aviation English offers is focused on helping professionals in aviation, whether they are mechanics, pilots or executives. We are available, feel free to contact in case of doubt.

Continue reading for more details.





Intensive Aviation-Oriented English Course:

This intensive private language training allows for a great emphasis on technical and non-technical English as A Second Language (ESOL) instruction.

Over the course of the training period, we will review all aspects of general English and aviation-specific topics such as terminology and air traffic control communication procedures. All of your training will be focused on improving your general communication skills in addition to preparing you for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test. Much emphasis will be placed on speaking, pronunciation and listening skills.

While this language course allows for a great emphasis on air traffic control procedures and aeronautical terminology, an extensive English as A Second Language (ESOL) curriculum will also be offered to ensure a well-rounded language learning experience. Instructor-directed field trips will be planned to allow each student to practice English in a variety of real-world scenarios.

This course is designed for students whose English comprehension and communication ability allow general language-oriented preparation for eventual F.A.A./ICAO testing and pilot transition. Although no flight training or FAA training will be provided, individual attention is given to build confidence and professionalism in the aeronautical environment.

A placement test in oral and written English will be given to each student upon arrival. The results of this test are evaluated to determine the level of instruction required. This individualized test is used to measure a student’s level in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English and then provide instruction to accommodate students with varying abilities and needs.



We will meet at a minimum of 5 hours per day (2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon/evening.) A limited amount of additional hours will be made available, if necessary, at no additional cost.


Course Start Dates

January 17th -21st
February 10th 
March 3rd 
May 5th 


Training Options

5-day intensive course (25 hours of instruction)       –           $999

10-day intensive course (50 hours of instruction)     –           $1799

15-day intensive course (75 hours of instruction)     –           $2499

** These prices include instruction with study materials. They do not include travel, hotel, or dining expenses. The student will be responsible for those expenses.




The course takes place in Atlanta, USA.

Atlanta is a large, metropolitan city located in the state of Georgia. It is an ideal location to immerse yourself in the English language and American culture. Your training will be conducted in a northern suburb called Marietta.













The recommended hotel is:

Crestwood Suites of Marietta
2030 Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: (678) 560-6667



This hotel has very reasonable rates (usually USD$50-65 per night) and has a meeting room where your training will take place. In addition, this hotel is situated in a convenient area right next to a shopping center with a supermarket, stores and numerous places to eat. This will give you a good opportunity to immerse yourself in the English language on a daily basis.



The team is lead by Arturo Weiss, an experienced Aviation English teacher.

Here is some more information about Arturo:

Aviation Language/English Teacher & Writer

Arturo Weiss is an experienced bilingual (English/Spanish) language teacher, aviation instructor, journalist and training consultant that has considerable English as a Second Language (ESOL) teaching experience along with course development knowledge. His teaching certifications include: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and SLAM (Second Language Acquisition Methodology).

Arturo has a lot of aviation industry experience including working for Airbus, where he handled all aspects of training for non-US airlines at the company’s Miami training facility. Later, he was recruited to become Safety Programs Manager at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Eventually, Arturo came back to his training roots and began interpreting technical courses for foreign pilots and engineers at FlightSafety International and later began to focus on teaching aviation-oriented English courses.

In addition to his training work, Arturo has also devoted part of his career to aviation journalism. He has written for several aviation publications, including Business & Commercial AviationAircraft Interiors International and Aviation International News. He has also served as editor for several magazines, including AVweb, Stratos and Executive Flyer. In addition to writing, Arturo has also worked on other aviation media projects, including online video for Flying magazine, several promotional videos and co-producing the Sport Pilot TV cable television program.


Contact us for more details: info@globalaviationenglish.com / www.globalaviationenglish.com



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