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First Bird Strike In Aviation History


The first reported bird strike was recorded in 1905 by none other than aviation pioneer Orville Wright. According to his diaries, Orville was conducting a practice flight that lasted a little under five minutes total, during which time he covered 4,751 meters and completed four circles. During two of these laps, he used his aircraft to chase a flock of birds, killing one, which landed on the top surface of the plane until he was able to shake it off with a sharp turn.


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Types of Aircraft

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TOPIC: Types of Aircraft

GOAL: To learn about the various types of aircraft

Level: Easy

Exercise #1: Read about types of aircraft and then proceed to Exercise #2

Going to an airshow can be a great experience. This is true, not only for the aerial demonstrations, but also the opportunity to see a wide variety of aircraft on static display. At these events, one quickly realizes there are many kinds of designs created with a particular mission in mind.

An aircraft is a vessel designed to move through the air. An airplane is a popular example of this type of vessel but there are many others. Helicopters, airships, and hot air balloons are also examples of different types of aircraft. An airplane may be one of the most recognizable types of aircraft. These vessels have fixed wings and propellers. Their body styles can greatly vary as there are many types and sizes of airplanes used for numerous reasons. These include seaplanes and jets.

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Detailed guide for Interviews:


Atenção Comissários de Bordo! Nós da Global Aviation English já trabalhamos com muitos comissários de bordo e temos experiência em perceber dificuldades e dúvidas comuns em processos de seleção nas mais variadas companhias.






Foi pensando nisso que resolvemos juntar todas as dicas, respostas e truques em um só vídeo para ajudá-los a sentirem-se muito mais confiantes durante uma entrevista com algumas dicas rápidas dos profissionais mais experientes.

Assista o nosso vídeo com dicas para entrevistas de comissários abaixo e, em caso de dúvida, sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato conosco clicando aqui.



Flying over the USA

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The USA is a big country with many amazing natural and man made features. It's a priveledge to see, but even more so from the air. This is one of the best videos I saw highlighting some of the fascinating places in the USA.


Emirates Airlines in Brazil

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Emirates Airlines in Brazil

Emirates Airlines in Brazil.

Fly Right International with Rejane Fontes is currently holding Open Days and Assessment days in Brazil. Brazil has already supplied many flight attendants to Emirates Airlines. It seems the company was really satisfied with the quality of flight attendants from Brazil, and have come back to hire more Brazilian flight attendants! This is an excellent statement for the quality of flight attendants Brazil is able to produce.

The next Open Days are:

Sao Paulo – 28 July 2012

Rio de Janeiro – 4 August 2012

If your dream is to travel the world working for a well organised company, then it's great to attend one of these open days, even just to pass through the experience. *Remember, you don't need to have any experience as a flight attendant, or even to have done a flight attendant course! All training will be provided by the company.

Some tips before taking part:

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The purpose of this manual is to advise simulator pilots of some of the ways cowl flaps and other devices are used to cool piston-powered aircraft engines.


First off the cowl, or cowling, is the sheet metal that surrounds the engine of an aircraft. Cowl flaps are "doors" that are adjusted to control the cooling air that flows through the cowling.


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Flight Attendant: Career Information

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Job Description – Flight Attendant:

Flight attendants' primary responsibility is to make sure safety regulations on airplanes are followed. They also do what they can to make sure passengers are comfortable during their flights.

Educational Requirements – Flight Attendant:

While a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for those who want to work as flight attendants, many employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a college degree. Candidates who have taken flight attendant training courses have the best chance of getting hired. In addition to previous training, all newly hired flight attendants receive three to eight weeks of formal training from their employers.


Other Requirements – Flight Attendant:

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1. Read the passage about the recent changes in airline fees and find the most appropriate definitions for the words in bold:

1.   scrutiny: a. testing, b. criticism, c. close examination

2.   unbundled services: a. new services, b. unsupervised services, c. services charged separately

3.   frenzy: a. wild excitement, b. mental agitation, c. mania

4.   transparent: a. see-through, b. obvious, c. fair

5.   proliferation: a. rapid growth, b. development, c. implementation


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New APP: Aviation English Proficiency Test Simulation

July 16, 2014 Blog No Comments
Aviation English app

Global Aviation English has released a new app for Apple and Android. 

This App allows pilots to practice simulations of the Aviation English Test.

This app let's you read and listen to questions AND example answers. You can also record you voice and playback your answers.

Download this app at the appstore:   https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/aviation-english-tests/id558819742?mt=8


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Can Brazilian Aviators speak English?

post 3

Can Brazilian Aviators speak English?

Do you believe that the level of English in Brazilian aviation is good enough? Is it ok because it’s better than China’s?

In this video we can hear the crew from British Airways having great difficulty to understand the controller at Galeão Tom Jobim International Airport.

News Report 1

In this video we see a report from Globo News about Brazilian pilots needing to redo their English proficiency test. They comment how bad the level of English is in Brazil.

News report 2


Do you believe this is all just media sensationalism? Or are these valid points? How can we improve the level of English is Brazilian Aviation?

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