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Flight Attendants

July 14, 2014 Blog, Pilot_Posts No Comments


Flight Attendants

Flight attendants in recent popular culture



·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Read through a Hollywood script with a video

·         Have fun!

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June 15, 2014 Blog, FA_Posts No Comments



·         Practice English skills in an aviation context


·         Revise security issues

·         Have fun!

Tip!                                                       If possible, read through the entire lesson out loud


Security is a major issue in aviation today and it has had a major impact on the way cabin crew work. Security procedures put in place over the last decade have seen flight attendants trading white gloves for latex, handing out plastic cutlery in place of metal, and training for some extreme worst case scenarios.


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The Aviation Mystery of the Nevada Triangle


 See this fascinating video of the Nevada Triangle. 



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·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Discussion of teamwork skills (difficult)

·         Have fun!



Tip!                                                       If possible, read through the entire lesson out loud




 You’ll know doubt be aware that teamwork is important in the role of a flight attendant but have you ever considered what that means or how to improve your teamwork skills?  How will you demonstrate your ability to work in a team during your flight attendant interview?

What does teamwork mean?


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June 6, 2014 BE_Post, Blog No Comments




Read the introductory text about luxury in the airline industry. Follow links for additional material and answer the questions below:

The economic downturn, industry experts say, “has clipped the wings of luxury travel” (http://in.reuters.com/article/idINTRE6531V720100604 ).

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Airline Certification

June 3, 2014 BE_Post, Blog No Comments


Read the introductory text about the certification process required by the FAA, as well as the additional material at 
http://www.avsog.com/faa_certpahses.html#fap .
Industry experts would unanimously agree that airline certification policies and the industry structure in the U.S. look rather complex to the uninitiated. Every airline seeking to be certified has to go through the 4 mandatory certification phases implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
These steps include the following: Formal Application Phase, Design Assessment Phase, Performance Assessment Phase and Administrative Functions Phase.

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Pass Your FAA Checkride – 10 Tips You MUST Know


Of all the tests you'll take in your life, the FAA practical flight test is one you don't want to repeat. Months of flight training and ground school have led to this one moment – the culmination of your aviation knowledge. Here's your chance to shine, to show the FAA examiner everything you've learned both on the ground and in the air. By following the 10 tips listed below, you'll not only pass your FAA checkride – you'll do it with skill and confidence.

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Catering Companies

May 29, 2014 BE_Post, Blog No Comments



Read the following introductory text about airline catering companies following links for additional information.

Airline service experience can never be full without an in-flight meal, or at least that is what travelers used to think. Before the airline industry was struck with the economic downturn and long before air travel was de-romanticized and demoted to a mundane commute, flights and in-flight meals were in fact a symbol of luxury. However, with the advent of no-frills airlines and their “peanuts-only” catering policies, many experts rushed to announce the death of the airline meal (http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/TravelForLess/TheDeathOfTheAirlineMeal.aspx ). Resurrection, industry watchers say, is nowhere in sight.

Catering services that serve some major airlines beg to differ. Emirates Flight Catering, which employs 6400 staff and is known to have produced 32 mln meals in 2009, runs its own luxury chocolate factory called “Le Chocolat”, and Gate Gourmet (world’s largest independent airline catering company based in Zurich) and LSG SkyChefs (Lufthansa’s caterer) are still going strong despite the economic slump, serving passengers a variety of options, from muslim and kosher to gluton-free and vegan dishes.


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Airport Signs & Markings



ILS Critical Area Holding Position Sign

When the ILS is in use Air Traffic Control may hold you short of this sign so your aircraft does not interfere with the ILS signal.


Runway Approach Holding Area Position Sign

You must hold at this sign until cleared to cross the runway, to avoid interference with runway operations.


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Becoming a flight attendant

May 14, 2014 Blog, FA_Posts No Comments

Becoming a flight attendant


·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Revise or learn

·         Have fun!

So you’ve decided on a career as a flight attendant.  Congratulations! Sometimes deciding is the hardest part. Not only that, you’ve already started working on your languages skills and confidence – you’re well on your way!

The path to becoming a flight attendant can be divided up into the following:


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