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Tips For Landing

March 31, 2014 Blog No Comments

 All pilots strive for the perfect landing. Here are some important landing tips for Pilots.

  • Don’t stop flying the airplane. Just because the mains are on the ground does not relieve you from flying the airplane. Gently lower the nose and gradually increase your crosswind correction to full aileron into the wind during rollout.

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Best (and worst!) Uniforms

December 16, 2013 Blog, FA_Posts No Comments

Flight Attendants Best (and worst!) uniforms


·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Practice describing uniforms (difficult)

·         Have fun!

For the attention of Stella McCartney,

As you may be aware, Coco Consulting has been contracted by Universe Uniforms to undertake international market research prior to expanding operations into design and production of cabin crew uniforms.

We have surveyed 1000 flight attendants from across 10 different airlines and 5 continents and have gathered the following information on uniform preferences:

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Interview Guide for Flight Attendants

December 15, 2013 Blog No Comments
FA guide

Flight Attendant Interview Guide – http://inglesaviacao.com/flight-attendant-interview-guide-and-directory/

Chapter 1: Flight Attendant Careers

Chapter 2: Applying for a Job

Chapter 3: Participating in the interview

Chapter 4: Airline Directory

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Aviation English Immersion Course in the USA!

December 14, 2013 Blog, Pilot_Posts No Comments


Global Aviation English uses a series of resources to do the immersion in the Specific Aviation English; those resources help our students to have a good learning environment from the combination of aviation English classes and other dynamic activities with lots of social interaction.

Our immersion program provides what no other aviation course offers. Through our immersion program you will experience the following opportunities:

  • Stay immerseed 24 hours a day in an English language environment. This means breakfast in English, shopping in English, radio in English, going out in English
  • Our teachers are native English speaking Americans with extensive teaching experience and an Aviation background.
  • Experience a new culture, enjoy a difference way of life, come home with new life lessons.
  • Classes are well organized, intense and focused on the students’ needs.

The immersion program in the United States for Aviation English that Global Aviation English offers is focused on helping professionals in aviation, whether they are mechanics, pilots or executives. We are available, feel free to contact in case of doubt.

Continue reading for more details.

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Flight Attendant On Board Situations – 3

Este é o nosso terceiro vídeo da série On Board Situations. Nesta série nós vamos postar semanalmente vídeos contendo as mais variadas situações de bordo e dicas de como resolvê-las utilizando o Inglês para Aviação.

O que você faria se você deramasse uma bebida em um passageiro acidentalmente?

Os vídeos sobre situações de bordo são importantes não apenas para a sua entrevista, como para o seu cotidiano de comissário de bordo e para que você possa aprimorar o seu vocabulário e compreensão em Inglês e possa se comunicar em Inglês para Aviação sem problemas.


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Emirates Open Day Rio de Janeiro Saturday 4 May 2013 at 09:00

April 30, 2013 Blog No Comments

Rio de Janeiro will host an OPEN DAY for potential FLIGHT ATTENDANTS for the best Ariline Company in the world – EMIRATES AIRLINES. Seats are limited, so book yours at info@flyrightintl.com Subject – OD RIO list. It will take place on Saturday 4 May at 09:00 at STS in Barra da Tijuca.

See event details > https://www.facebook.com/events/458887117523315/

Remember, you don't need any experience as a flight attendant, you don't need to have done a flight attendant course, you don't need anything from ANAC. You do need to speak a reasonable level of English.


See this Flight Attendant Interview Guide book for tips for an excellent interview! BOOK


Brazilian Pilots need to retake their English tests


Brazilian Pilots need to retake their English tests.

News circulated in the media this week that some Brazilian pilots (the exact number varies between 37 and 95) will need to redo their English proficiency tests. These pilots went to Madrid to do the test, after this test center was approved in December 2011 by ANAC to apply the test for Brazilians.

ANAC went to do an inspection of the test center in June 2012 and decided that the test was not of a high enough standard and therefore have required the pilots who did their test there to retake the test in Brazil.

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EASTERN AIR LINES Douglas DC-7B “Caribbean Adventure”

February 10, 2013 Blog, Pilot_Articles No Comments

This is a really interesting video about and Eastern Airlines adventure over the Caribbean, a blast from the past!


Pilot Video – 7 With Questions

July 23, 2012 Blog, Videos No Comments

Please watch this interesting Air-Crash investigation video and read the questions and answers.

                                    On August 31, 1986, Two aircrafts collided in mid-air over Cerritos, California, killing all 67 aboard both aircraft and 15 people on the ground. In addition, 8 persons on the ground sustained minor injuries from the crash.


1. Which airplane was involved in the accident?
2. Where was the flight heading to?
3. Where did the air crash take place?

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GOL pilots in demand


GOL recently dismissed many pilots from the company. This came as a suprise since until recently people in Brazil were reporting about the shortage of pilots in Brazil. The lawmakers came close to changing the country's law to allow foreign pilots to fly in Brazilian companies. 

The large Brazilian aviation community website www.tripulacao.com.br reported that other countries are working to recruit these pilots from GOL Airlines. See the report: Report. Pilots could earn up to R$25 000 a month, which is far more than they receive in Brazil, and have the benefit of have 15 off days per month, which is also a lot more than they receive in Brazil. One of the companies mentioned was Ethiopian Airlines. This seems to be an excellent opportunity for those pilots who feel undervalued by Brazilian airline companies.

For pilots to be able to fly in this foreign countries a good level of English is essential. For more information on improving your English level, and preparing for interviews in English contact us at: info@globalaviationenglish.com. We provide high quality classes with native English speaking teachers, with Aviation experience. 

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