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Miss Grammar – Lesson 16 : Phrasal Verbs

March 28, 2012 Blog, Gramática, Grammar No Comments
english grammar

Please watch this interesting video about the "Phrasal Verbs" and try to answer following questions.

Use the following verbs (believe, fill, get, look, put, switch, take, throw, turn, try) and the prepositions (away, down, for, in, off, on, out) an form meaningful sentences.

Example: My parents are out. So I have to _________ my baby-brother.
Answer: My parents are out. So I have to look after my baby-brother.
1) Quick! _______ the bus. It's ready to leave.
2) I don't know where my book is. I have to ________ it.
3) It's dark inside. Can you _______ the light, please?
4) ________ the form, please.
5) I need some new clothes. Why don't you ______ these jeans?

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Open Day – Emirates Group

March 23, 2012 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

Boas notícias para nossos leitores e leitoras comissárias que sonham em voar pela Emirates e morar em Dubai! Neste próximo mês de Novembro o Grupo Emirates estará realizando processos de seleção em São Paulo e no Rio de Janeiro, esta é a sua chance!

O Open Day funcionará como uma primeira fase para a seleção do Grupo Emirates, o evento dura cerca de 4h divididas em palestra de apresentação da companhia, espaço para perguntas e dúvidas que os candidatos possam ter, prova escrita em inglês e entrevista pessoal em inglês.

O evento é aberto a todos os candidatos interessados, lembrando que aqueles que já tiverem participado do último Open Day deve aguardar a carência de seis meses contados a partir da data do evento para se candidatarem novamente.

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 17: Comparisons

english grammar

Please watch this interesting video about the "Comparisons" and try to answer following questions.

Complete the sentences using the comparative :

  • This carrousel is ______ than that one. (slow)
  • The B row is _________________ the last row in the airplane. (full)
  • The lady`s handbag ______________ mine. (heavy)

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 18 : Modal Verbs

March 15, 2012 Blog, Gramática, Grammar No Comments
english grammar

Please watch this interesting video about the "Modal Verbs" and try to answer following questions.

Make negative sentences. Use the verbs in brackets.

  1. This car ______ be expensive. It's five years old. (can)
  2. You _____ hurry. We have plenty of time. (must)
  3. I am afraid I ________ help you now. (can)

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 19 : Conditionals

english grammar

Please watch this interesting video about the "Conditionals" and try to answer following questions.

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses.

Example: If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________ (to watch) an interesting film.
Answer: If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.
1) If I _______ (to study), I ______ (to pass) the exams.
2) If the sun _______ (to shine), we _______ (to walk) to the town.
3) If he _______ (to have) a temperature, he _______ (to see) the doctor.
4) If my friends _________ (to come), I _________ (to be) very happy.

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Safest Year For Air Travel : 2011


A study by the International Transport Association (IATA) has revealed the number of fatal air crashes fell from 23 in 2010 to 22 this year, as a result the number of deaths have dropped significantly.

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Boeing ,7000, And Counting


The 7000th Boeing 737 built was delivered to Dubai-based flydubai. This Next-Generation 737-800 has been equipped with the new Boeing Sky Interior.In November 2010, flydubai had the distinction to be the first airline in the world to offer passengers an enhanced onboard experience with the brand new Boeing Sky Interior.

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Radar to reduce bird strikes

Bird strike6

Japan will install radar equipment at Tokyo's Haneda airpot in April to prevent birds from colliding with airplanes that could cause plane crashes, according to local media citing officials from ministry of transport.

It is the first such high-tech effort to be made in the country due to the rising bird strikes at the nation's busiest airport, the officials said.

The radar after installation can locate the positions of birds up to 300 meters high, so that people can track their movements on screen and deal with them more easily.

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A milestone first flight for Airbus Sharklets

December 7, 2011 Blog No Comments

Airbus has completed the first flight of its A320 test aircraft equipped with 'sharklet' wing-tips on 30th november .
The airframer modified the prototype of its narrowbody family (MSN001) with the approximately 2.5m (8.2ft) tall devices and has now begun the flight test programme for the certification and performance validation.
The first part of the campaign is directed at gathering data to fine-tune the aircraft's flight laws, which govern the flight control system.

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New PANAM Series Video

"Pan Am,"an early 1960s-set drama about airline stewardesses–and spying–that's directed by "West Wing" alumnus Thomas Schlamme. Stylish and sexy, with delightful performances by Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie, and French-Canadian actress Karine Vanasse, the show is still finding its audience in ABC's 10-11 p.m. slot on Sundays.

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