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TOPIC: Fires


GOAL: To learn Aviation English vocabulary related to the dangers of aircraft fires and their causes.



Exercise #1: Read about aircraft fires, and then proceed to Exercise #2

Perhaps few things are as scary as an aircraft fire. They are serious business because, unlike an automobile, pilots don't have the luxury of stopping their aircraft in flight to solve the problem. Reacting quickly and correctly is essential to effectively deal with the emergency. When a fire erupts, you may have little time to consult the emergency checklist, and if you're confused or uncertain about the procedures, your reactions may be slow and inappropriate.

There have been several well-known cases of aircraft fires, including a UPS DC-8 that burned-up after it landed at the Philadelphia International Airport in 2006. Another classic scenario occurred during the tragic accident of ValueJet Flight 592 which crashed into the Florida Everglades after an in-flight fire developed shortly after departure.

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First Bird Strike In Aviation History


The first reported bird strike was recorded in 1905 by none other than aviation pioneer Orville Wright. According to his diaries, Orville was conducting a practice flight that lasted a little under five minutes total, during which time he covered 4,751 meters and completed four circles. During two of these laps, he used his aircraft to chase a flock of birds, killing one, which landed on the top surface of the plane until he was able to shake it off with a sharp turn.


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Pilot Video 4 -with questions and answers



On 22 November 2003, shortly after takeoff from Baghdad, Iraq, an Airbus A300 cargo plane owned by European Air Transport ("DHL") was struck on the left wing tip by a surface-to-air missile. Severe wing damage resulted in a fire and complete loss of hydraulic flight control systems. Because outboard left wing fuel tank 1A was full at takeoff, there was no fuel-air vapour explosion. Liquid jet fuel dropped away as 1A disintegrated. Inboard fuel tank 1 was pierced and leaking.Watch the video and then answer the questions below.

Questions :

1. What did the terrorist do before the attack?
2. What was the make of the airplane?
3. What was it carrying?
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Pilot Video 1 – with Questions and Answers

Inglês para aviacao

Video – Check the given video and answer the following questions:



1. Name all the systems that acceleration can affect

2. Define speed (in your own words).

3. Define velocity (in your own words).


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Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary for Iphone and Android







Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary é o mais novo aplicativo para Iphones lançado pela Global Aviation English, com ele os nossos alunos poderão ter acesso à todos os termos específicos da Aviação em português e em inglês, sem pagar nada por isso!

Além da praticidade de ter um dicionário, o aplicativo também possui a versão falada de todos os termos e você poderá corrigir a sua pronúncia ouvindo o dicionário. Para este recurso será cobrado um valor de USD4,99.























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The Aviation Mystery of the Nevada Triangle


 See this fascinating video of the Nevada Triangle. 


Grammar: There is/There are

inside airport

Grammar point: There is / There are (easy)


  • Practice English skills in an aviation context
  • Practice dialogue with countable and uncountable, present tense
  • Have fun!

FA1: Quick! This man is having trouble breathing.  There is a bag under his seat, please have a look and see if you can find any medication.

FA2: Okay… Wow, there is a lot of stuff in here!  There’s a squashed banana and there’s an MP3 player… there are some pens, and there are some stamps… there are a few jelly beans, and there are a couple of bandaids… but I can’t see any medicine.

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 2: Simple Present

english grammar

1. Complete the text with the verbs in the simple present:

Blue Skies is the newest airline company in the international aviation industry. This company is famous for the high top quality service provided. For example, there isn’t a division between first class and economic class. All passengers fly (fly) with the best comfort and service available in this industry. This factor ______ (help) to avoid those awkward moments when all the economic passengers pass through the first class and give those “jealous looks”. All seats are very comfortable and ________ (recline) 180 degrees. The cabin crew _______ (welcome) the passengers with especial attention and kindness and _______ (assist) them in case of any problem, always keeping in mind that in Blue Skies passengers are the most important part of the business. The crew _______ (serve) 4 different kinds of dishes on board, always with selected and fresh ingredients.

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Pilot Video 2 -With Questions


Please watch this interesting Air-Crash investigation video and read the questions and answers.

                                    On 2 september 1998,Swissair flight 111(SR-111, SWR – 111)also codeshare flight with Delta Air Lines crashed  into the atlantic ocean.The crash site was 8 kilometres (5 mi) from shore.All 229 people on board died.


1. At what height did the airplane catch fire?
2. How many people were onboard when the airplane crashed? What happened to the passengers?
3. What was the model of the aircraft?


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