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Flight Attendants: The Glamour is Gone?

October 14, 2014 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

Flight attendants once reflected the glamour of air travel, serving four-course meals, chatting with passengers and globetrotting. Now with lower pay, greater responsibilities and little respect, they are the public face of a stressed-out airline industry.

When first-class passenger John Reed quietly asked for orange juice with his meal on a flight from Dallas to Sacramento in December 2009, he got a loud lecture from a sharp-tongued flight attendant instead. When the frequent flier later suggested that her reaction was inappropriate, Reed didn’t get an apology but a letter on the spot stating that he was an unruly passenger in possible violation of federal law. Outraged fellow passengers vouched to airline representatives that Reed hadn’t done anything wrong, but to little avail. The mere issuance of such a letter sparks an investigation by multiple federal agencies.

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Aviation English – Portuguese Dictionary


We are launching an English – Portuguese technical dictionary for aviation professionals. It provides the translation for technical aviation vocabulary for English and Portuguese. It also has an optional pronunciation guide for Aviation English terms.

Key benefits:

1. FREE to download (only pay for audio US$4.99)

2. Easy type and get dictionary (type by keyword and matching word will be listed below)

3. Confirm the correct English pronunciation

4. A comprehensive list of aviation terms included

5. Switch easily from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese

6. Compatible for Apple iphone/ipad/itouch and Android


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Top 10 Aviation Gifts


If you are searching for a gift for a pilot there are many options to consider. The fact of the matter is that this industry is always growing and expanding. With that in mind you should not have any problems finding the perfect aviation gift for the pilot in your life. But if you are having a bit of trouble there is no need to worry. Listed below are ten of the best aviation gifts on the market today.

1. An air band transceiver with navigation display is a great gift for a pilot. Even though you will have to spend several hundred dollars, this is one aviation gift that will be used time and time again.


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Emirates Airlines in Brazil

August 11, 2014 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments
Emirates Airlines in Brazil

Emirates Airlines in Brazil.

Fly Right International with Rejane Fontes is currently holding Open Days and Assessment days in Brazil. Brazil has already supplied many flight attendants to Emirates Airlines. It seems the company was really satisfied with the quality of flight attendants from Brazil, and have come back to hire more Brazilian flight attendants! This is an excellent statement for the quality of flight attendants Brazil is able to produce.

The next Open Days are:

Sao Paulo – 28 July 2012

Rio de Janeiro – 4 August 2012

If your dream is to travel the world working for a well organised company, then it's great to attend one of these open days, even just to pass through the experience. *Remember, you don't need to have any experience as a flight attendant, or even to have done a flight attendant course! All training will be provided by the company.

Some tips before taking part:

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Flight Attendant: Career Information

July 29, 2014 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

Job Description – Flight Attendant:

Flight attendants' primary responsibility is to make sure safety regulations on airplanes are followed. They also do what they can to make sure passengers are comfortable during their flights.

Educational Requirements – Flight Attendant:

While a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for those who want to work as flight attendants, many employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a college degree. Candidates who have taken flight attendant training courses have the best chance of getting hired. In addition to previous training, all newly hired flight attendants receive three to eight weeks of formal training from their employers.


Other Requirements – Flight Attendant:

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Inglês para Comissários de Bordo

fa ticket

Flight Attendants can use this site to study, improve and maintain their  level of Aviation English.

With this site you can read about the vocabulary that is specific to your area, listen to the pronunciation, and practice what you have learnt with a mini quiz at the end of the lesson.

Contact us to know more about practicing Aviation English for Flight Attendants for specific situations.

Topics for English for Flight Attendants

The Romance of Aviation

Parts Inside the Aircraft

The Story of a Flight Attendant

Parts of the Aircraft

Stress Management

Air Rage – Causes and Prevention

Jet Lag

Countries and Cultures

Flight Attendant Interviews


Cabin Crew Procedures

Religion and Cultural Sensitivities

Health Problems on Board



Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary for Iphone and Android







Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary é o mais novo aplicativo para Iphones lançado pela Global Aviation English, com ele os nossos alunos poderão ter acesso à todos os termos específicos da Aviação em português e em inglês, sem pagar nada por isso!

Além da praticidade de ter um dicionário, o aplicativo também possui a versão falada de todos os termos e você poderá corrigir a sua pronúncia ouvindo o dicionário. Para este recurso será cobrado um valor de USD4,99.























Also see our APP for the Aviation English Proficiency test for pilots >>  http://www.globalaviationenglish.com/apps/





Getting a job as a Flight Attendant in Brazil

July 20, 2012 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

After doing the flight attendants course, and then passing the ANAC test, the real hard part begins! Looking for a job!

Most people believe that the most effective way to get into a Brazilian airline company is with the help of a contact, or a ‘fish’ as it is usually referred to. This certainly helps, so if possible, try to meet people in the industry so that you can get a good contact (fish) to hand your resume to the people doing the selection processes. You can do this by working in an area that has pilots and flight attendants (like the airport).

Elancers.com is another place where you can send your resume. The companies are able to retrieve your resume from the site to analyze.

Another form to send your email is by email or post. Below is a link of all the contact details of the companies in Brazil.

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Open Day – Emirates Group

March 23, 2012 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

Boas notícias para nossos leitores e leitoras comissárias que sonham em voar pela Emirates e morar em Dubai! Neste próximo mês de Novembro o Grupo Emirates estará realizando processos de seleção em São Paulo e no Rio de Janeiro, esta é a sua chance!

O Open Day funcionará como uma primeira fase para a seleção do Grupo Emirates, o evento dura cerca de 4h divididas em palestra de apresentação da companhia, espaço para perguntas e dúvidas que os candidatos possam ter, prova escrita em inglês e entrevista pessoal em inglês.

O evento é aberto a todos os candidatos interessados, lembrando que aqueles que já tiverem participado do último Open Day deve aguardar a carência de seis meses contados a partir da data do evento para se candidatarem novamente.

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