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Prepositions of Place/Location IN/ON/AT

The book is on the table

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TOPIC: Prepositions of Place/Location


GOAL: To learn about the proper use of prepositions of place/location

Level: Easy


Exercise #1: Read about Prepositions of Place and then proceed to Exercise #2

A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. The word or phrase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition.

Even for the most advanced students, propositions can always use more practice. Many verbs are (usually) followed by certain prepositions. Some even entirely change the meaning of a verb by turning it into a phrasal verb.  Learners just have to memorize most prepositions, especially those that follow certain verbs (and even more so for those that create phrasal verbs). Some prepositions can be used interchangeably depending on the situation. This just adds more confusion for people learning English.

The good news is that prepositions of place, perhaps, are among the most consistent (that is, they have fewer exceptions). Prepositions of place are almost logical, if you can understand the preposition on its own.

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Grammar point: present continuous tense

smiling flight attendant

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Grammar point: present continuous tense


  • Practice English skills in an aviation context
  • Practice present continuous in dialogue form
Dear Diary,
This is the life! Today is my first day working as a flight attendant and I am loving my new job! The crew is great and they are showing me what to do when I forget.
As I write, we are flying over the Pacific Ocean and I am looking down at the Great Barrier Reef below. I’m imagining what Australia might be like, and I’m getting excited. I’m wondering if I’ll have time to visit my old university friend Dave while we’re in Brisbane.  I hope so – he said he’s expecting me and that he’s looking forward to it.
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Present Perfect Tense

September 16, 2014 Gramática, Videos No Comments


  • Practice English skills in an aviation context
  • Revise present perfect / present perfect continuous tense
  • Have fun!

Watch this Video and complete the activity:



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Inglês para Comissários de Bordo

fa ticket

Flight Attendants can use this site to study, improve and maintain their  level of Aviation English.

With this site you can read about the vocabulary that is specific to your area, listen to the pronunciation, and practice what you have learnt with a mini quiz at the end of the lesson.

Contact us to know more about practicing Aviation English for Flight Attendants for specific situations.

Topics for English for Flight Attendants

The Romance of Aviation

Parts Inside the Aircraft

The Story of a Flight Attendant

Parts of the Aircraft

Stress Management

Air Rage – Causes and Prevention

Jet Lag

Countries and Cultures

Flight Attendant Interviews


Cabin Crew Procedures

Religion and Cultural Sensitivities

Health Problems on Board



Preparação para Entrevistas


English for Aviation Business Executives

Aviation Business Executives are communicating more frequently in English. Negotiations are common with foreigners, mergers and alliances occuring frequently.

Use this site to study, improve and maintain your level of Business English, specifically for the Aviation Business Professional.

With this site you can practice your reading, listening, grammar and speaking skills.

Contact us to know more about our courses.

Aviation Business English Topics found on this Aviation English Blog Tutorial site:

Green Airlines (Environmentally Friendlyt Airlines)

Interesting Airline Brands

Airline Customer Service

Low cost v Conventional Airlines

Airlines Alliances


*To study more Aviation Business English please contact us. Skype: inglesaviacao



Grammar: Simple Past Tense

June 19, 2014 Gramática No Comments

TOPIC: Grammar Point – Simple Past Tense


GOAL: To review the simple past tense and irregular verbs


Level: Medium



Exercise #1: Read about the structure and use of the simple past tense


The simple past tense is sometimes called the preterite tense. We can use several tenses to talk about the past, but the simple past tense is the one we use most often.

–         The structure for positive sentences in the simple past tense is:

subject + main verb (past)

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Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary for Iphone and Android







Aviation English Portuguese Dictionary é o mais novo aplicativo para Iphones lançado pela Global Aviation English, com ele os nossos alunos poderão ter acesso à todos os termos específicos da Aviação em português e em inglês, sem pagar nada por isso!

Além da praticidade de ter um dicionário, o aplicativo também possui a versão falada de todos os termos e você poderá corrigir a sua pronúncia ouvindo o dicionário. Para este recurso será cobrado um valor de USD4,99.























Also see our APP for the Aviation English Proficiency test for pilots >>  http://www.globalaviationenglish.com/apps/





Grammar: There is/There are

inside airport

Grammar point: There is / There are (easy)


  • Practice English skills in an aviation context
  • Practice dialogue with countable and uncountable, present tense
  • Have fun!

FA1: Quick! This man is having trouble breathing.  There is a bag under his seat, please have a look and see if you can find any medication.

FA2: Okay… Wow, there is a lot of stuff in here!  There’s a squashed banana and there’s an MP3 player… there are some pens, and there are some stamps… there are a few jelly beans, and there are a couple of bandaids… but I can’t see any medicine.

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Miss Grammar Vídeo 1 – Verb to Be

english grammar

Este é o nosso primeiro vídeo da série Gramática para Aviação. O conteúdo a ser trabalhado no vídeo será o "Verb to be", este é o verbo mais utilizado na língua Inglesa e é muito importante conhecê-lo a fundo!

Além do vídeo estaremos disponibilizando também questões a serem resolvidas com a ajuda da Miss Grammar, nossa comissária e professora que acompanhará nossos alunos durante este vôo gramatical.

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences below according to the information given

1. Michelle: Flight attendant, 35, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

a) My name ____ Michelle.

b) I _______ years old.

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 2: Simple Present

english grammar

1. Complete the text with the verbs in the simple present:

Blue Skies is the newest airline company in the international aviation industry. This company is famous for the high top quality service provided. For example, there isn’t a division between first class and economic class. All passengers fly (fly) with the best comfort and service available in this industry. This factor ______ (help) to avoid those awkward moments when all the economic passengers pass through the first class and give those “jealous looks”. All seats are very comfortable and ________ (recline) 180 degrees. The cabin crew _______ (welcome) the passengers with especial attention and kindness and _______ (assist) them in case of any problem, always keeping in mind that in Blue Skies passengers are the most important part of the business. The crew _______ (serve) 4 different kinds of dishes on board, always with selected and fresh ingredients.

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