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Flight Attendants

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Flight Attendants

Flight attendants in recent popular culture



·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Read through a Hollywood script with a video

·         Have fun!

View from the top is a 2003 romantic comedy directed by Bruno Barreto and starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate, and Mark Ruffalo.  It’s about a young woman from a small town who sets out to achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

It contrasts her experiences working for a small domestic airline with that of her dream job working for a large international airline, set against the backdrop of the flight attendant interview and training process.

Unfortunately, View from the Top received unfavourable reviews. “Wastes the talents of its and condescending to its characters” said rottentomatoes.com. Even Gwyneth Paltrow said she hated it.

Regardless, it’s a must-see movie for flight attendants and the good news is there are a few laughs to be had, and most of them are in this 10 minute video clip from the film. Grab your popcorn, the movie’s about to begin!

Link to video View from the Top (9:43)


This section of the script matches the video. Print the script and read through it as you watch the video.  Make use of the pause button.

Script (answer section?)


Can you believe we had to refuel here? I mean, where are we? Bedrock?


-What was the bathroom like?



-I love that lipstick.



Remind me. As soon as we get to New York. I have to go straight

to Vuitton.


-Are those new earrings?

-The guy in Rome.


The guy in London.

Thank God we're out of here.


I think I need to takea flea dip.


We better go.


Don't forget you wanted to go to the gift shop and get a Toblerone.



You know what?                


We are as good as they are.     

-We are?

-We are?                  

We don't have to spend our lives working at Sierra for some weaselly ex-bookie.             

You know, I once worked for Pan Am. Three whole months. Uniforms were natural fiber                 

What happened?

They went bust.           

So you started working for Sierra?                  

I needed a job. Nobody else was hiring.                  

Well, they're hiring now.                  

Royalty Airlines job fair.                

This weekend at the Marriot Hotel in San Francisco.                  

You guys, this could be so good.                  

Who's in?                  

This is our brochure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.                  

"No person may serve as a flight attendant unless that person has demonstrated to the pilot in command familiarity with

the necessary functions to be performed in –" Oh, my God. You dot your l's

with little hearts? That's so cute.                  

Yeah, well,it's my trademark. That and my hickeys.                  

Well, a girl's got to have

a skill.                  

I was excited to be interviewed

by the legendary John Whitney. He had been with Royalty a long time.                  

Hi.I'm John Whitney.                   

Maybe a little too long.                   

This one. Head of the Royalty flight-

attendant trainee program. Tell me, why do you want to work for Royalty Airlines?                  

I believe that I have a lot

to offer your airline.                    

Because the planes are…                  

They're so much bigger.                  

Oh. My gum.                  

Why do you want to work

for Royalty Airlines?                  

Oh, well… I've got a lot of answers. I just got to think of the right one.               

Take your time. Collect. Gather. Go.                  

Because I'm organized

and efficient.                  

I worked for Sierra Airlines,

you know. I put that down there. Yeah, right above Hooters.                  


Right. Oh, yes.                 

If there is a task,I will not stop until I have completed it perfectly.                  

Did I say "organized"?                

-Got a question for you.


What's your tolerance level

for pain?                   

Physical pain.                

Like, sexual pain?

 Would you consider yourself

a people person?                  

Oh, definitely.

Big people person.                   

-Not just big people.

-Not just giants.                  

-You got it.


To learn and to follow through

with all the tasks.             

I'm just gonna say a few words.                  




Scooby Doo-Doo.                  

Tectonic plates.Tectonic plates.                


Do you handle surprises well? Do you handle surprises well? I scared you, didn't l?                  

No, no.                  

It has always been my dream to work for the best.And I think you guys are the best.

That's just terrific.

You're terrific, how about? No. This one. It's called strabismus.There's no business

like "strobusiness.” I get to make jokes.                    

Does anything frighten you?                   

Oh, you mean the eye? I didn't notice.

Oh, my God.You're kidding.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

But this is so unfair.

You're a better flight attendant than we'll ever be.

I'll be fine. I been thinking about

quitting anyway. I'm sure gonna miss you guys.

We're gonna miss you, too.

Study hard. And make me proud.

Congratulations to Donna Jensen.Getting into the Royalty Learning Center.

I'm nervous.People say it's really hard.

A lot of people don't make it past the first two weeks. I don't want to be one of them.

Are you kidding me? They would have never

picked you unless they thought

you could handle it.                    

You're smart. You're beautiful.

You're charming.You're gonna do great.                  

Wow!You give one hell of a pep talk.

I got a lot of that back home.

My parents are big cheerleaders.

Sally always says that the

greatest asset somebody can have is having people who believe in them.                  

Who's Sally? Your aunt?

She's kind of like a friend.                  

Oh, you know, we're gonna have

a little goodbye party Friday night from 7 to whenever.                  

Oh, yeah.Well, I'm probably

not gonna make it.

Why not?                 

I can be happy for you

that you're leaving for an hour. But 7  till whenever, the smile won't last.

Yeah, our timing is

kind of terrible, huh?

I had a really good time,and I was hoping you'd be a jerk so I wouldn't feel like I was missing out by moving to Texas.

Well, I'm parked out there.

Yeah, I'm…



The only kiss we got here is a goodbye kiss which, as kisses go, is not my favorite.


-Goodbye, Donna Jensen.


Good luck in school.

Oh, thank you.

Don't run with scissors.

Why can't all choices

be simple? Why can't they all be

window or aisle? Coffee or tea?

Not career or romance.


B. That's a fun one. Now take off.                    



I'm John Whitney.Head of the Royalty flight-attendant trainee program.

Welcome and congratulations, Dana.                 

It's Donna.

Sure. Okay.             

Good to see you, Mary.                

It's Christine, actually.

Sure. Okay. Great.What we have here is your

Royalty Airlines amenities kit containing airport codes and regulation manuals,your registration packet,campus rules,and information about our mentor program. Yeah.

You two will be staying in dorm C. That's a fun one. Yeah. Questions? None. Good.            All right. Take off.


-Hi, Cindy.

-Oh, my God.


Sure. Okay.

Sally Weston is a mentor? Sally Weston!

So, who is this Sally Weston person, anyway?

Who is Sally Weston?

Only the author of "My Life in the Sky."


Sally Weston represents an ideal of poise and beauty and accomplishment that every flight attendant should strive to achieve.

Oh, I like her hair.                  

Hello?Yes, this is she. We'd love to. Oh, my God.



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