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Detailed guide for Interviews     Flight Attendant On Board Situations – 1     Flight Attendant On Board Situations – 2     Flight Attendant On Board Situations – 3  

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Airport Signs & Markings



ILS Critical Area Holding Position Sign

When the ILS is in use Air Traffic Control may hold you short of this sign so your aircraft does not interfere with the ILS signal.


Runway Approach Holding Area Position Sign

You must hold at this sign until cleared to cross the runway, to avoid interference with runway operations.


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Grammar: There is/There are

inside airport

Grammar point: There is / There are (easy)


  • Practice English skills in an aviation context
  • Practice dialogue with countable and uncountable, present tense
  • Have fun!

FA1: Quick! This man is having trouble breathing.  There is a bag under his seat, please have a look and see if you can find any medication.

FA2: Okay… Wow, there is a lot of stuff in here!  There’s a squashed banana and there’s an MP3 player… there are some pens, and there are some stamps… there are a few jelly beans, and there are a couple of bandaids… but I can’t see any medicine.

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Becoming a flight attendant

May 14, 2014 Blog, FA_Posts No Comments

Becoming a flight attendant


·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Revise or learn

·         Have fun!

So you’ve decided on a career as a flight attendant.  Congratulations! Sometimes deciding is the hardest part. Not only that, you’ve already started working on your languages skills and confidence – you’re well on your way!

The path to becoming a flight attendant can be divided up into the following:


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Interesting Airline Brands


Interesting Airline Brands


According to a survey conducted, Virgin Atlantic emerged as the best airline brand for 2009, with British Airways tailing closely. Some of the other names that came on top in various categories include brands like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, EasyJet, Qatar Airways, BMI and Swiss International. These brands have been assessed on different criteria like reliability, quality and distinction.

What adds to the overall rating of airline brands is the service that it offers its customers. This is something that can be achieved by good cabin and ground staff, choice of food, variety of entertainment on board, large number of destinations and high flight frequencies, among other services.

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Tips For Landing

March 31, 2014 Blog No Comments

 All pilots strive for the perfect landing. Here are some important landing tips for Pilots.

  • Don’t stop flying the airplane. Just because the mains are on the ground does not relieve you from flying the airplane. Gently lower the nose and gradually increase your crosswind correction to full aileron into the wind during rollout.

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Best (and worst!) Uniforms

December 16, 2013 Blog, FA_Posts No Comments

Flight Attendants Best (and worst!) uniforms


·         Practice English skills in an aviation context

·         Practice describing uniforms (difficult)

·         Have fun!

For the attention of Stella McCartney,

As you may be aware, Coco Consulting has been contracted by Universe Uniforms to undertake international market research prior to expanding operations into design and production of cabin crew uniforms.

We have surveyed 1000 flight attendants from across 10 different airlines and 5 continents and have gathered the following information on uniform preferences:

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Interview Guide for Flight Attendants

December 15, 2013 Blog No Comments
FA guide

Flight Attendant Interview Guide –

Chapter 1: Flight Attendant Careers

Chapter 2: Applying for a Job

Chapter 3: Participating in the interview

Chapter 4: Airline Directory

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Aviation English Immersion Course in the USA!

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Global Aviation English uses a series of resources to do the immersion in the Specific Aviation English; those resources help our students to have a good learning environment from the combination of aviation English classes and other dynamic activities with lots of social interaction.

Our immersion program provides what no other aviation course offers. Through our immersion program you will experience the following opportunities:

  • Stay immerseed 24 hours a day in an English language environment. This means breakfast in English, shopping in English, radio in English, going out in English
  • Our teachers are native English speaking Americans with extensive teaching experience and an Aviation background.
  • Experience a new culture, enjoy a difference way of life, come home with new life lessons.
  • Classes are well organized, intense and focused on the students’ needs.

The immersion program in the United States for Aviation English that Global Aviation English offers is focused on helping professionals in aviation, whether they are mechanics, pilots or executives. We are available, feel free to contact in case of doubt.

Continue reading for more details.

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Flight Attendant On Board Situations – 3

Este é o nosso terceiro vídeo da série On Board Situations. Nesta série nós vamos postar semanalmente vídeos contendo as mais variadas situações de bordo e dicas de como resolvê-las utilizando o Inglês para Aviação.

O que você faria se você deramasse uma bebida em um passageiro acidentalmente?

Os vídeos sobre situações de bordo são importantes não apenas para a sua entrevista, como para o seu cotidiano de comissário de bordo e para que você possa aprimorar o seu vocabulário e compreensão em Inglês e possa se comunicar em Inglês para Aviação sem problemas.


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Santos Dumont, Pioneer Aviator

Santos Dumont

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Airline vs. Executive Aviation


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Crew Resource Management (CRM)

English for Pilots

  [Audio clip: view full post to listen]TOPIC: Crew Resource Management (CRM) Exercise #1: Read about CRM and then proceed to Exercise #2 Crew Resource Management (CRM) training originated from a NASA workshop in 1979 that focused on improving air safety. The NASA research presented at this meeting found that …

Parts of an Aircraft

Parts of Plane

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