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Emirates Open Day Rio de Janeiro Saturday 4 May 2013 at 09:00

April 30, 2013 Blog No Comments

Rio de Janeiro will host an OPEN DAY for potential FLIGHT ATTENDANTS for the best Ariline Company in the world – EMIRATES AIRLINES. Seats are limited, so book yours at Subject – OD RIO list. It will take place on Saturday 4 May at 09:00 at STS in Barra da Tijuca.

See event details >

Remember, you don't need any experience as a flight attendant, you don't need to have done a flight attendant course, you don't need anything from ANAC. You do need to speak a reasonable level of English.


See this Flight Attendant Interview Guide book for tips for an excellent interview! BOOK


Brazilian Pilots need to retake their English tests


Brazilian Pilots need to retake their English tests.

News circulated in the media this week that some Brazilian pilots (the exact number varies between 37 and 95) will need to redo their English proficiency tests. These pilots went to Madrid to do the test, after this test center was approved in December 2011 by ANAC to apply the test for Brazilians.

ANAC went to do an inspection of the test center in June 2012 and decided that the test was not of a high enough standard and therefore have required the pilots who did their test there to retake the test in Brazil.

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EASTERN AIR LINES Douglas DC-7B “Caribbean Adventure”

February 10, 2013 Blog, Pilot_Articles No Comments

This is a really interesting video about and Eastern Airlines adventure over the Caribbean, a blast from the past!

Miss Grammar Vídeo 1 – Verb to Be

english grammar

Este é o nosso primeiro vídeo da série Gramática para Aviação. O conteúdo a ser trabalhado no vídeo será o "Verb to be", este é o verbo mais utilizado na língua Inglesa e é muito importante conhecê-lo a fundo!

Além do vídeo estaremos disponibilizando também questões a serem resolvidas com a ajuda da Miss Grammar, nossa comissária e professora que acompanhará nossos alunos durante este vôo gramatical.

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences below according to the information given

1. Michelle: Flight attendant, 35, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

a) My name ____ Michelle.

b) I _______ years old.

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Pilot Video – 7 With Questions

July 23, 2012 Blog, Videos No Comments

Please watch this interesting Air-Crash investigation video and read the questions and answers.

                                    On August 31, 1986, Two aircrafts collided in mid-air over Cerritos, California, killing all 67 aboard both aircraft and 15 people on the ground. In addition, 8 persons on the ground sustained minor injuries from the crash.


1. Which airplane was involved in the accident?
2. Where was the flight heading to?
3. Where did the air crash take place?

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GOL pilots in demand


GOL recently dismissed many pilots from the company. This came as a suprise since until recently people in Brazil were reporting about the shortage of pilots in Brazil. The lawmakers came close to changing the country's law to allow foreign pilots to fly in Brazilian companies. 

The large Brazilian aviation community website reported that other countries are working to recruit these pilots from GOL Airlines. See the report: Report. Pilots could earn up to R$25 000 a month, which is far more than they receive in Brazil, and have the benefit of have 15 off days per month, which is also a lot more than they receive in Brazil. One of the companies mentioned was Ethiopian Airlines. This seems to be an excellent opportunity for those pilots who feel undervalued by Brazilian airline companies.

For pilots to be able to fly in this foreign countries a good level of English is essential. For more information on improving your English level, and preparing for interviews in English contact us at: We provide high quality classes with native English speaking teachers, with Aviation experience. 

Getting a job as a Flight Attendant in Brazil

July 20, 2012 Blog, FA_Articles No Comments

After doing the flight attendants course, and then passing the ANAC test, the real hard part begins! Looking for a job!

Most people believe that the most effective way to get into a Brazilian airline company is with the help of a contact, or a ‘fish’ as it is usually referred to. This certainly helps, so if possible, try to meet people in the industry so that you can get a good contact (fish) to hand your resume to the people doing the selection processes. You can do this by working in an area that has pilots and flight attendants (like the airport). is another place where you can send your resume. The companies are able to retrieve your resume from the site to analyze.

Another form to send your email is by email or post. Below is a link of all the contact details of the companies in Brazil.

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Miss Grammar – Lesson 2: Simple Present

english grammar

1. Complete the text with the verbs in the simple present:

Blue Skies is the newest airline company in the international aviation industry. This company is famous for the high top quality service provided. For example, there isn’t a division between first class and economic class. All passengers fly (fly) with the best comfort and service available in this industry. This factor ______ (help) to avoid those awkward moments when all the economic passengers pass through the first class and give those “jealous looks”. All seats are very comfortable and ________ (recline) 180 degrees. The cabin crew _______ (welcome) the passengers with especial attention and kindness and _______ (assist) them in case of any problem, always keeping in mind that in Blue Skies passengers are the most important part of the business. The crew _______ (serve) 4 different kinds of dishes on board, always with selected and fresh ingredients.

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Pilot Video 2 -With Questions


Please watch this interesting Air-Crash investigation video and read the questions and answers.

                                    On 2 september 1998,Swissair flight 111(SR-111, SWR – 111)also codeshare flight with Delta Air Lines crashed  into the atlantic ocean.The crash site was 8 kilometres (5 mi) from shore.All 229 people on board died.


1. At what height did the airplane catch fire?
2. How many people were onboard when the airplane crashed? What happened to the passengers?
3. What was the model of the aircraft?


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