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Pilot Video 4 -with questions and answers

July 30, 2014 Inglês para Pilotos, Pilot_Videos, Videos No Comments


On 22 November 2003, shortly after takeoff from Baghdad, Iraq, an Airbus A300 cargo plane owned by European Air Transport ("DHL") was struck on the left wing tip by a surface-to-air missile. Severe wing damage resulted in a fire and complete loss of hydraulic flight control systems. Because outboard left wing fuel tank 1A was full at takeoff, there was no fuel-air vapour explosion. Liquid jet fuel dropped away as 1A disintegrated. Inboard fuel tank 1 was pierced and leaking.Watch the video and then answer the questions below.

Questions :

1. What did the terrorist do before the attack?
2. What was the make of the airplane?
3. What was it carrying?

Questions :


1. What did the terrorist do before the attack?
2. What was the make of the airplane?
3. What was it carrying?

4. What object hit the airplane?
5. What happened to the airplane after it was hit by an object?
6. How did the pilot manage to fly the airplane?
7. From where did the pilot learn this method of flying an airplane?
8. Who traced the burning airplane at first?
9. What equipment traced the burning DHL flight?
10. What happened to the airplane while landing?

Answers :

1. The terrorists took some journalists to show them some killings.
2. The airplane was an Airbus A-300.
3. There was soldiers’ mail onboard.
4. The airplane was hit by a surface to air missile.
5. The hydraulic system of the airplane was severely damaged causing all three hydraulic systems to fail.
6. The pilot managed to fly the airplane by increasing and decreasing the thrust of the engines.
7. The pilot learned the method of flying during the flight when he practiced flying the airplane using the thrust of the engines for few minutes and then continued for the landing.
8. An American Apache patrol helicopter which was on patrol saw the burning airplane first.
9. An infra red camera onboard the Apache helicopter traced the burning DHL Airplane.
10. The airplane landed safely and nobody was injured in the episode, although the pilots were almost victims of landmines when they exited the plane.

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