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·         Practice English skills in an aviation context


·         Revise security issues

·         Have fun!

Tip!                                                       If possible, read through the entire lesson out loud


Security is a major issue in aviation today and it has had a major impact on the way cabin crew work. Security procedures put in place over the last decade have seen flight attendants trading white gloves for latex, handing out plastic cutlery in place of metal, and training for some extreme worst case scenarios.


Specialist aviation security training courses have been developed to address the need for dedicated training that provides more in-depth coverage of security topics. Such topics might include:

·         The threat to aviation and objectives of aviation security

·         Potentially disruptive passengers

·         Passenger rights and responsibilities

·         First aid and medical emergencies

·         Recognition of weapons, devices and their components, and prohibited articles

·         Searching/checking aircraft

·         Bomb warnings

·         Hijackings

·         Emergency procedures in the air and on the ground

·         Procedures following incidents

·         Handling the media and post event briefing

The following article tells of how conscientious and quick-thinking flight attendants saved the lives of 290 passengers and crew when they identified a major security risk in a passenger who the media called ‘the underpants bomber.’ Their union representative is quoted as saying, “They exemplify what it means to be a flight attendant in 2010, a front-line safety and security professional.”

Link to Flight attendants honored for response to the Christmas Day 'underpants bomber'

Link to JetBlue prohibited carry-on items


Right click and open the JetBlue page in a new tab so you can move easily between the two pages.

Read through this list of items below and add them to the correct column according to whether JetBlue policy allows the item in carry-on baggage.

ice skates, tennis ball, a box of bullets, mace, aerosol hairspray 60ml, aerosol hairspray 120ml, aerosol paint 90ml, breast milk, eye drops, camping stove
















Some of the words below are synonyms for prohibited, some are antonyms. Put them into the correct columns. The first one has been done for you.

forbidden, banned, barred, approved, contraband, not allowed, proscribed, allowed, permitted, okay



















Tennis ball

Ice skates

Aerosol hairspray 60ml

A box of bullets

Breast milk


Eye drops

Aerosol hairspray 120ml


Aerosol paint 90ml


Camping stove












Not allowed





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