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Miss Grammar Vídeo 1 – Verb to Be

July 23, 2012 Gramática, Grammar, Inglês para Comissários, Videos No Comments

Este é o nosso primeiro vídeo da série Gramática para Aviação. O conteúdo a ser trabalhado no vídeo será o "Verb to be", este é o verbo mais utilizado na língua Inglesa e é muito importante conhecê-lo a fundo!

Além do vídeo estaremos disponibilizando também questões a serem resolvidas com a ajuda da Miss Grammar, nossa comissária e professora que acompanhará nossos alunos durante este vôo gramatical.

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences below according to the information given

1. Michelle: Flight attendant, 35, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

a) My name ____ Michelle.

b) I _______ years old.

c) I ____ from Sao Paulo and

d) I _______ Brazilian.

e) I ________ a pilot, but I ____ a flight attendant.

f) _______ you a pilot?

2. Paul: Pilot, 24, New York, U.S.A.

a) Paul ___ a pilot.

b) He __ a very experienced pilot.

c) He ___ new in the aviation area.

d) He ____ from NY and he

e) ____ ____ years old

f) He ___ American.

Exercise 2: Choose true (T) or false (F)

1. Michelle is from Rio de Janeiro.

2. Paul is an pilot.

3. Michelle is an flight attendant.

4. Paul is new in the aviation field.

5. Your teacher can from China.

6. Your teacher is a airline pilot.

7. Michelle is an 24 years old.

8. Paul is 24 years old.

9. Your favorite film can Top Gun.

Exercise 3: Please complete the questions below if necessary

1. Is Steven __ flight attendant?

2. ___ Steven 24 years old?

3. Is Gillian ___ Canada?

4. Is her brother ___ pilot?

5. ____ Steven from New York?

6. Is Gillian 20 ____ years old?

7. Is Bob married to ___ flight attendant?

8. Is Bob from ___ Italy?

9. ___ Emma a flight attendant?

10. ____ Emma from the U.S.A?

11. ___ Emma 40 years old?


Exercise 1:


a) Is

b)am 35

c) am

d) am

e) am, was

f) Are


a) is

b) isn’t

c) is

d) is

e) is 24

f) is

Exercise 2:

1)      F

2)      T

3)      F

4)      T

5)      F

6)      F

7)      F

8)      T

9)      F

Exercise 3:

1)      A

2)      Is

3)      From

4)      A

5)      Is

6)      No answer needed

7)      A

8)      No answer needed

9)      Is

10)   Is

11)   Is




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